when is the it right to leave a job?

Jesu Vandana
1 min readFeb 9, 2022

I know many of us must have faced this question at some point in life.

When in dilemma ask these following seven questions which I have learnt in my class book of being salt in the market place. Being a child of God you should have a good reason for leaving.

  1. Have I put into the organisation/company/firm how much I have taken out? ( applies to those who have been trained in the company who want to leave)
  2. By leaving will I be exploiting my training and experience at the expense of company from which I gained it.
  3. Am I leaving because my present company is not utilizing my skills?
  4. Do I want to leave because I think I am stagnant in this post and am not growing?
  5. Am I leaving because I am genuinely underpaid or merely because another company has a tempting offer?
  6. Can I put in a single sentence my reason for wanting to leave?
  7. By leaving at this juncture of time in the company, will I be causing any damage to them?

lets ponder on these questions before we take a next step.